Daily life at SCAO

Since two months now I live and work at the Save poor Children in Asia Organization, afterwards referred to as SCAO.

SCAO has two schools and is planning on building a third one. One (SCAO School II) is located in the village of Som Roung, around 15 kilometers north of Phnom Penh. The other one (SCAO school I) is in Boeng Chuck, a village close to Phnom Penh, and besides the school there; this is also where the center is located and where I live.

“The center” is the home of Mr. Sameth, founder of SCAO, his wife and 18 children, and since September my home in Cambodia.

My tasks at the center include many different things. Together with Leon I’m responsible for paperwork, the volunteer planning and for the smooth running of the school.

In the mornings I usually get up at around 7.30 and have breakfast together with the other volunteers before the first classes start at 9. Right now my first class starts at 1, so I have the mornings off to answering emails and doing paperwork for SCAO, planning my classes or doing my laundry (by hand).

From 11 till 1 we have lunch break and there are no classes at the school. Usually most of the volunteers go to have iced coffee at a small little shop down the street and after that we all have lunch together.

We have 4 different classes at SCAO; ABC class, which is the lowest level, beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate, which is the highest level.  I teach two beginner classes (from 1-2 and from 3-4) and one pre-intermediate class in the late afternoon from 5.30 to 6.30. After 6.30 I assist Lion, who also lives and teaches at the center, in another class.

When classes are finished all the volunteers have dinner together and the day is nearly over. Most of the time you stay up a bit longer, playing with the kids, reading books or watching a movie.

I hope this gives a short insight into my life and work here in Cambodia. If you have any other questions or comments just let me know.

All the best from Boeng Chuck,



One thought on “Daily life at SCAO

  1. Hi Lilli,
    I’m so glad to finally have gotten your blog address. I find your stories fascinating and am happy to get some insight into your current life. You seem quite happy there, which makes me very glad. Hey, you even received a super compliment on your descriptive language from the teacher from New Zealand (?) and I have to say that I totally agree with her assessment; very nice job! I can imagine you and your fellow volunteers on your adventures. Have many more and write about them, I for one will be reading!
    Alles Liebe,

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