On this blog i will share my experiences and my insights that i will gain during my 12 month stay in the village of Som Roung in Cambodia. You are more than welcome to follow this site and comment to all my posts.

If you don’t know me or my intention yet, here’s a little bit about it..

This is me.My name is Lilli and i’m 19 years old. After graduating from High School this year, i decided that i did not want to go straight to university, but instead “take a year off” to find out what i would really want to do with my life and to go see some more of the world.


And this is Angkor Wat, in Cambodia, the country where i’ll be going. I will be leaving Germany for 12 months to fly to Cambodia, where i will be working voluntarily in an NGO called “Save Children in Asia Organization”. My main task will be teaching English, but i’ll also have the chance to initiate new development projects in the village. If you want to know more about “Save Children in Asia Organization” you can go to their website here.

My whole journey is only made possible through to a program called “weltwärts“, by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and its cooperation with the German Red Cross Schleswig-Holstein. Together these two institutions sponsor my voluntary service in Cambodia.

In addition i’m collecting donations to finance my voluntary service and raise awareness about my project in Cambodia.


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